I recently went for my annual checkup and, as usual, almost the first question was whether I had a living will. As it happens, I do, but I am more interested in my Living Legacy.

The usual understanding of legacy is quite materialistic, almost routinely calculated in dollars or goods to be divided amongst the fortunate heirs. My dear parents left virtually nothing, having accumulated very little during their long lives as pastors. Here and there is a little something to which a family member can point as a reminder, but overall, nothing of much significance materially.

But spiritually it is a whole other story! In our family, my grandparents came to salvation during the ministry of John G. Lake in Johannesburg in the early 1900’s. So began our family history of service to God and man. Daily, as we witness each other’s lives, the children of Pastor Oliver and Ria Raper display their parents’ true wealth – two women and two men who love God and serve others. Now, in this last season of our lives, we all are profoundly active in building OUR Living Legacy. Our deep desire is that our children and grandchildren, by the grace of God will also teach the Way, living lives that point others to our Lord Jesus.  Money can disappear more quickly than it is inherited, but Mom and Dad’s heritage lives on and is filled with divine potential.

I love that my thoughts are not new. Paul wrote to the Corinthian church: “The only letter of recommendation we need is you yourselves. Your lives are a letter written in our] hearts; everyone can read it and recognize our good work among you.”

Perhaps you, like me, are still looking for someone you love to come to faith. You have wept and prayed and what is precious to you has been spurned, perhaps repeatedly. Please, don’t get discouraged. Keep building your Living Legacy!