Open my eyes…

I’m sure, like me, you have wondered at the amazing galactic images produced by the WEBB telescope. The beautiful colors and fantastical, abstract shapes inspire the artist in me, and I have no trouble imagining the joy our Great Artist Creator of this universe must take in His handiwork.

Our eyes see the physical world within a certain spectrum of light only, moving continually so as not to burn. But – simply put, WEBB’s cameras can gaze into space long enough to collect the frequencies that defeat our eyes, and then, through a complex set of filters, these gorgeous images are revealed. In effect, we see what we can’t see 😊. Similarly, we have invented x-ray machines that use certain light frequencies to image our unseen bones. Just because there are things we can’t see with our naked eyes does not mean they don’t exist. These instruments give us glimpses into a reality that, in the normal way of things, is beyond our perception.

I remember when Pete and I first fell in love – very soon a look was not enough! We discovered the delight of gazing into each other’s eyes, as if trying to read in that beloved face the possibilities of a future together. The more we ‘gazed’, the more we revealed our true selves to each other and slowly but surely, truth emerged that became the foundation of our 55-year-old marriage. As a young mother, I would not just look at my child – with my baby at my breast, we would gaze into each other’s eyes, allowing the wonder that is love, to grow and grow.

Gazing takes time, gazing takes quietness, gazing takes hunger to know more. The more we gaze, the more we see, and in gazing upon the one who knows us better than we know ourselves, “the one we have pierced” (John 10:37), our egos are dethroned and HE is enthroned. The more I gaze on him, the more his love takes my stubborn will captive, until it is so tied up in HIS will, that an unbelieving world can see him though me – my life now a Holy Spirit WEBB telescope 😊.

I first came across this wonderful song by Wayne and Cathy Perrin when CfaN sent us to California in the early 1990’s. At the time the Christian music world was exploding with song after song inspiring a fresh emphasis on the lordship of Christ, songs like ‘Majesty’, ‘Jesus, we enthrone you’, ‘Shine Jesus shine’ and so many more. And all these years later, this song still moves me.

‘When I look into Your holiness

When I gaze into Your loveliness

When all things that surround

Become shadows in the light of You;

When I've found the joy of reaching Your heart

When my will becomes enthralled in Your love

When all things that surround

Become shadows in the light of You:

I worship You, I worship You            

The reason I live is to worship You.’

One of the great joys of advanced age is the gift of quiet time to gaze…and gaze…and gaze…