He was just outside of Bethlehem on the way to help a friend

When Martha came to meet him and she said 

If only you had been here Master, he would be alive

But it's hopeless now – Lazarus is dead!

Jesus heard her tell of death but he spoke to her of life

And received the news as if he hadn't known

He said: Anyone who follows me will never really die

Just believe in me and take away the stone!


Take away the stone – I am the resurrection

Open the door and see God glorified 

Take away the stone – I am the Life victorious

Open the door to the miracle inside.


Everyone has known at times how Martha felt that day

Defeated and surrounded by despair 

Oh but when you walk with God you know there's always hope

Just because he's there.

Whenever you're in trouble and you don't know where to turn

And try to fight your problems on your own 

Remember Jesus works today just as he did then

Just believe in him and take away the stone! 


Take away the stone - he is the Resurrection

Open the door, let faith rise up in you

Take away the stone – He knows no limitation

Open the door. Let your miracle come through!

(We recorded this song in 1980 in our Rufaro days - sadly, I don't know who wrote the lyrics. Our producer had been to the USA and just said he had the perfect song for us. I still remember the almost overwhelming sense of victory when we sang it for the first time!)