No mother should have to watch her own son die. But Mary did. And I don't for a moment think that she had no say in how His precious body was prepared for burial.  I'm a mother.  I know what I would've done. I KNOW she visited that tomb, numb with pain, trying to erase those terrible scenes from her heart.

Yes,  she'd heard him say He would rise again, but how could she be absolutely sure? She had seem Him do miracles, but this stone that locked Him away was so very big and resurrection was beyond imagining. We glean very little about Mary in the Master's adult life, but I think every mother who has ever suffered  knows what she went through.

How I wish someone had described her reaction the moment she heard the news - HE IS RISEN AS HE SAID! But this I know.  Her mourning was turned to dancing, her weeping to laughter. He died as her son  - He rose as her King and Saviour