Like so many millions on this old planet, I enjoy my coffee, so I was not surprised when I read that around the world, more coffee is sold than oil. It makes sense to me – the mere thought of drinking oil makes me gag 😉.

When I was young, huge mugs of coffee eased me through the day. Old age has made me fussier about what I drink and how/when I drink it. I grind my own beans which are organic and fair trade. My preference is dark roast, lovingly steeped in just the right temperature water in my French press. No hurry here!

And then, since I now only indulge once a day, I like to use some old, delicate espresso cups given to me by a friend who understood my need for beauty. Whether tea or coffee, I confess to preferring it in fine china. Call me fussy, but I’m convinced a thick, heavy lip spoils the taste of the beverage. Add a dash of heavy cream to delight my palate, and I am happy:-).

You may say: Is there no end to the eccentricities of aging?

But I prefer to see it the way Job saw it 😊: “Old people are wise. Those who live a long time have understanding.” (Job 12:12 NIRV)