In my garden I have 3 wind chimes that sing to me every time the breeze lifts the Spanish moss in our old oak tree. But the voice of the one slowly grew quieter, and I was so busy that I forgot to check why. One morning it was totally still, even though the wind was playing games on the river. The problem was that a wayward creeper just below it sent out long tendrils over more than a meter of empty space and wrapped it in silence while I wasn't looking.
All my life I have sung at the least provocation. Many a battle has been fought with loud singing in the shower ‘God will make away where there is no other way’. Many of life's heartaches have been sung away at my piano ‘Thy loving kindness is better than life’.
One day it dawned on me that my song had disappeared without me realising it, that the still small voice had also somehow become difficult to hear. There was more gritting of the teeth than the Peace that passes all understanding. And when I humbled myself enough to ask, the blessed Holy spirit came and cut those tendrils that smothered my song. Such pain, but such freedom again!

You would think that the lesson is learned but just today, I had to check for those wild creepers. If the Spirit is blowing in my soul, there is music. When the music goes, its time for the garden shears to come out - again!