Along time ago, when I still lived in Germany, a beautiful, blonde Southern lady walked into my life to stay. When Angie Connor-Hicks laughs, the whole room knows it and when she prays, hell trembles!
One morning, over coffee in a quaint old German bistro, she shared a growing burden, a dream planted by the Holy Spirit. She was shown the body of Christ, beautifully muscled on one side, but withered on the other and she understood this to be a divine command to help God’s women grow. At that time, I too was experiencing an increasing longing to see the Holy Spirit move among the women He sent my way. So many were bound by church tradition, fearful, with no expectation of the Holy Spirit using them and we both longed to see this change. That day, a beautiful ministry was born that eventually took us allover Germany and touched many lives deeply.
A sense of Purpose often works like this. It grows, often quietly, until one day the often undefined longing of one heart is brought into sharp focus by the vision of another heart, and suddenly a world of possibilities opens up. Ignition occurs and we have "Lift off"!
When God started stirring us for ministry almost 50 years ago, like Mary, Peter and I hid prophetic words and personal revelations in our hearts until the day when God's motivating agent for our lives preached our calling into being and changed our lives forever! Reinhard Bonnke retained this motivational power almost till the day he died, and I often wish I had counted just how many times over the years his fiery preaching made me throw my hands heavenward yet again, with, "Here I am, Lord. Send me!"
Alack of purpose is a terrible thing – it kills hope, makes the future a dark unknown and despondency takes over. We mistakenly think that vision is, by definition, a grand, mind-boggling thing. Of course, it can be. But for most of us, purpose is made up of smaller things, like plans and dreams. We don’t have to dream big to start with – we just have to dream!

In fact, a good, fulfilling life starts with seeds of vision and purpose in our own hearts.

So, Psalm 20:4 says: May He (God) grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

Yes Lord!