Today was rusk making day and the house still is redolent of cinnamon and coconut. My South African friends will know what this is - a cultural necessity for morning tea or coffee, to be dunked and savored. I put so much good stuff in them that we could probably live on them quite successfully and I dare not let the barrel get empty - Best Beloved loves them so! They are toasty-crisp and just the right texture to absorb the perfect amount of liquid for a delicious bite. And any self-respecting South African who has ever gone camping knows the comfort of a steaming mug of condensed milk coffee and an ‘Ouma’ rusk, or in my case, a ‘Grammy’ rusk. The recipe is here on my website for those who want to give it a try😊
My recipe originated with my mom. Over the years it has been tweaked to accommodate my new discoveries and she probably would no longer recognize the recipe as hers. But I know exactly where it comes from....
So, over the years, I have taken lessons she taught me and have "tweaked" them to my own experience, and no doubt, my daughter will do the same. But the legacy is there, tasty and true, tested in the crucible of life. 
One day, mommy, one day, sooner or later, I will look into those blue eyes again, we will laugh and love again, better than we ever did on earth. Thank you.