How does one even begin to write about someone whose love and loyalty have   dominated your life for 55 years, but I am going to try because today is my Pete's 75th birthday. and I'm so grateful that he is still around.  We have faced no less than 3 major  challenges to his health I in the last 15 or so years. Through it all God has been gracious to me and I still have my playmate,  my cooking taster, my fellow pilgrim in this old world, trying to walk out the calling on our lives.

We often are asked the secret to a long, happy marriage. I'm not sure there is just 1  but I do know that contentment plays a huge role.  He is not the perfect husband - if he were,  he would not be married to me, since i most definitely am not the perfect wife!

But our hearts have been wound together with so many memories, such loved family, so many obediences to the Holy Spirit,  that by now our marriage must look like a chrysalis, waiting to burst open into the next phase of this thing called Life.

Happy birthday my Pete!