My eyes have been troublesome for most of my life, and are very sensitive to light. So - I have rather a large collection of sunglasses, something Best Beloved seems to find amusing  :-). They are useful, but they tend to obscure my vision a little too much at times.

The Word says: "Without vision, the people perish." I think we all understand this as we grapple with finding our place and purpose in this world of ours. Vision is by definition far-reaching. It gives substance to our future, provides incentive for plans and dreams. But within vision there is many a mission, present assignments to which we give our energy. The trick is to be able to take on only the missions that serve the greater vision. I have found that when I do this there is always the sense of "one step closer" to the dream, the gratifying sense of having grown in some way. When I allow my energies to be side-tracked, even for a seemingly worthy cause, I always seem to lose something. I may rationalize and justify with my "have-to's and must-do's" but ultimately, in my secret place, I know I'm wasting my time. Of course, the "Still, Small Voice" is always there, but I confess that sometimes I have earplugs and my glasses are too dark!